Who said that social media marketing strategies can be used only business purposes? The recent election campaigns have proved that they can be effectively utilized for election propaganda also. With due respects to the mandate of the people and other strategies of the party, it should not be forgotten that social media also played a crucial role in the landslide victory in Delhi elections for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). As a leading social media marketing company in Pune, it presents us a wonderful case study to analyze the strategies used by AAP. Let us have a look in it.

AAP clearly understood the need for being connected with the common man of Delhi to bring laurels. With smart phones and digital technology present in each and every household what can be a better way other than social media to achieve this feat? They realized the true potential of social media marketing and created their strategies to ensure its maximum utilization. Obviously they relied on Facebook and Twitter, the top two social media platforms in India.

Salient features of strategy:

It’s no denying fact that BJP’s social media campaigns were also robust and effective. Social media dominance alone did not win elections for AAP and for that matter in near future it cannot turn the table for any party. By virtue of vast experience in social media management and as a digital marketing agency in Pune, we can confidently say that social media strategies benefitted AAP to connect with the targeted people and spread awareness about their campaigns.

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