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Case Study

The Chanllenges

To Increase in Enquiries and Leads: What all we need in business is hot lead! We overcome this challenge. As our words don’t speak our results they are seen.
To Increas in Potential target audience: We focused on this challenge, enhanced the website to engage our potential targeted audiences Who are lovers of classy lifestyle and love to work in WOW KITCHEN! environment and influencers like architectures, designers.
To Decrese Bounce Rate: Our team faced this challenge and came out with flying colors. With our webdesign the bounce rate decreased apperently.
To Simplify the Navigation: What is website providing? which is the best product? All these question arises when you are visit a website as a coustomer. The big challenge we faced was navigation. We upgraded with easy navigation to make it user friendly. To Increase Footfall: The other challenge was how will we increase the footfall? How it is possible to encourage more prospects.

The Result

Bounce Rate

Avg time on Website

Leads and Enquiries

As a costumer we analyzed how to get my query solved? We used Live chat which was the step to get in contact for quick enquiry. Slick contact form was the best thought on every webpage that provided user to contact.

Our research analyzed that website UI/UX and Content is not appropriately shown to our prospects due to which the avg. session was dropped down. By providing with relevant content we reached our target to increase more prospects.

To get enquiries from premium customers, we focused more on the keywords and started working on keywords to get into search page. We used keywords like Imported, luxurious and premium kitchens and hence started getting our desired customer. New premium look and feel design to the website engaged more prospects & made it user friendly. This was the way to decrease the bounce rate.

One of our big challenge was navigation. We highlighted the products in mega menu, so that one can reach to their desired product. This easy to navigate website became more promising and user friendly. Mega menu made our audience to see all the desired pages with more interest.

Upgrading website to social channel and creating contest on all the channels and platform Incresed the footfall.