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Re-marketing and Branding


Re-marketing allows you to show your advertisements to those users who have made earlier visits to your websites when they browse the web. Re-marketing offers you with an opportunity to get back those dithering consumers using banner, offers and text advertisements by providing them the same kind of experience which they had earlier felt when they visited your site.

Re-marketing provides you with one more opportunity to complete the contract or deal. Techno oyster.com is one such Re-marketing company in Pune that has come into lime light in the recent years for the excellent services offered by them in Re-marketing and Branding.

It often happens that many probable consumers might make a visit to your site but may not stay for long or even might leave and visit another site. Re-marketing is a very positive way to bring back all those probable consumers to make a revisit to your website thus resulting in higher ROI. We at Techno oyster.com, the Re-marketing Company in Pune make sure that there is constant exposure to your website. We place the ads of your company websites on a range of online portals, blogs as well as websites thus compelling the prospective consumers to make a visit to your website and finally end up buying the products of your company.

With the help of re-marketing you can create vibrant advertisements. Say for instance, if you have an e-commerce set up and one of your consumers had visited a specific group on your website a few days ago. On his or her next visit, the consumer can instantly view the different ads placed by you of the products lists belonging to that group.

The Re-marketing services provided by us involve the following:

  • Impact of website re-marketing to linger in the minds of the consumers even after they have left the site.
  • Using search re-marketing, identifying those key users on search engine who search for similar phrases and key words that are relevant to what your business offers.
  • Targeting those valuable consumers who tend to have greater access with your emails using social media re-marketing.


Branding is the base for everything that is being undertaken by us. Brand distinctiveness speaks more than even a logo or a palette of colour scheme. Brand uniqueness is what that sets an organization apart from individual product or service. The branding services in Pune of techno oyster.com is one of its kind as we believe in providing creative quality services involving you  in the process along with  providing the desired results at the end.

Approach us for all your branding needs whether creations of a new brand identity or for even a brand refresh. With years of added experience we are the best branding services in Pune and you won’t regret that you approached us.

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