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How to Close More Patient Phone Calls

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Do patients make a phone call and the first call itself attracts them to book an appointment at your clinic? Converting phone calls into new patients need more expertise and professional, well-trained staff. Being a well-renowned digital marketing company in Pune, we suggest dentists and healthcare professionals create a strict digital marketing strategy that could lead to more revenue.  

Our SEO agency in Pune helps to track incoming phone calls that enquire about your dental practices and treatment program. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks to land more patients on your dental chair. But, before we proceed further, let us find out what can be the possible reasons why patients decide not to book an appointment at your clinic?

  • Unresponsive staff members with no knowledge of dental problems
  • Bad reviews on your website given by past patients 
  • Your website is not visible in top Google searches
  • Lack of informative content on your website 
  • Patients cannot find a medium to book an appointment at your clinic directly
  • Patients made a phone call at your clinic but were kept on hold for too long
  • Rude or impolite staff members who failed to address patients in the right manner

Look no further than Technooyster Pvt Ltd for the best SEO services in Pune. We ensure the most informative content is provided to your patients reaching you out through various platforms such as social media, website, and ads.

Tips to Land more patients to your dental clinic

  1. Focus more than patient service: Being an accomplished dental clinic, we understand that your only goal is to offer the best treatment and services to your patient. However, if your patients cannot reach out to you, how will you serve them the best? Our digital marketing strategies will inevitably bring new patients to your clinic but to retain those patients and attract more depends on how you take care of them from the very first call to the follow-up call. 

Dedicate a team of highly-experienced, polite, and humble staff members to interact with the patients on phone and emails. Listen to the patient’s need, ask critical questions, and build trust. Patients can never risk their health in the hands of someone they don’t trust.

  1. Hire the best marketing agency but don’t stop here: We keep track of patients who inquire about your treatment and encourage them to book an appointment at your clinic. However, your staff members should be polite enough to address them well and not leave them kept on hold. If your team is not trained to answer why your clinic is the best and how you are different from other clinics, its high-time you think on creating a team of the experienced and professional front-desk panel.

Make a phone call at your clinic, pretending to be a new patient trying to book an appointment. Ask questions about your services, quotes, and after-care program. If you are not satisfied with the call, would you expect the other phone calls to convert into new patients? 

  1. Address your patients personally: To become a family dentist requires more trust, care, and time to spend with your patients. Hire enough staff members at your clinic. Often, staff overwork and unintentionally ends up being rude to the new patients at a phone call or in person. Ensure your every staff members feel happy at work. Avoid making them overworked or underappreciated at work.

Try offering some freebies to your patients and staff members. It will be a win-win situation for everyone. Exciting discounts on the first appointment, 10% off if they make the payment upfront, and the list go on. Offering exciting deals will also encourage patients who inquired on phone call to actually turn up to your clinic. 

Our digital marketing agency in Pune has been serving the healthcare sector for a decade now. We are aware of what both patients and doctors are looking for, and ensure our best SEO company in Pune make both the ends meet. Book your first free 30-minute call on digital marketing services and how it can enhance your revenue.

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