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8 Marketing Strategies To Revise During And After The Lockdown

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To be very clear from the beginning, we’re NOT going to talking about how COVID-19 started and shook the world economies to their core. Assuming all of us are well aware of the causes, effects, and extent of losses, all businesses, including yours, have suffered through the lockdown period. It’s time we discussed adapting and evolving with the current scenarios. And knowing that almost all your audience and customers have pivoted to the online world for buying products and services, it is equally evident to all businesses that rejuvenating your digital presence and persona is the only key to streamlining your clientele and profits. 

In fact, this is more of an opportunity to attract a much larger audience towards your business by revisiting your digital strategies and revising them to adapt to the current timeline. To start with, here are some of your strategical aspects which will need some revamping during and after the lockdown:

Your Online Presence:

If you’ve been following the golden rules of digital marketing till now, you probably have a website with enough content and regular posts on social media accounts.

But now, you need to amp up your activities by increasing the frequency of posts and responses you make on your social media. Make sure you’re registered on various third-party platforms that cater to your products or services. 

Rewrite your profiles and online bios to include your online availability and expertise that your audience is now looking for. Make more relevant videos and tutorials as it is the most effective and shared format of content.

Your Search Terms And Targeted Keywords:

The list of generic search terms and local to global keywords you targetted won’t be effective anymore since store and office visits by clients have reduced by 90%. In contrast, search results for ‘online consultations and services’ have increased by a TENFOLD. 

Research on the new trending keywords on Google and other search engines for all your website pages and, if possible, make changes in the webpage content according to the most popular search terms relevant to your business. 

This might be a great time to consider adding content personalization strategies to your website. There are some great content personalization plugins that let your website display distinct content for titles and messages for different users based on their search query, geolocation, language, etc.

Your Marketing Platforms:

Ranking for Google SERP and being active on the typical social media platforms isn’t going to suffice the consumer demands in this period, where even the rarely platforms and search engines are getting more traffic.

If crucial that you focus on ranking your business practices on other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. 

Build your profile on Google My Business if you haven’t already and strengthen your presence on other third-party platforms that trade, promote, or rank businesses of your domain.

Your Budget For Advertising And Marketing:

In marketing, it is believed that you gain much more in the profiting times if you cut less during recessive times. Here, we’d go a step further to suggest that you revise your budget to invest more in online advertising and marketing during this lockdown period. 

The PPC advertising costs and marketer plans have undergone a significant downfall since the lockdown. It has never been this cheap, making it an ideal opportunity to boost your visibility and brand image to a broader audience at relatively less investment.

The Fluidity And Flexibility In Your Services:

In times of such uncertainty, change is the only constant. With various new and improved laws being set in motion by the state and national governments, you must have a backup plan to get your products and services to your clientele one way or another.

With most businesses making all their services available online via video consultations and home deliveries, you must ensure that your website is adapted to provide such services. Also, your team should be prepared and equipped to provide any type of delivery service such as contactless delivery, roadside delivery, parking lot delivery, etc. to tackle the competition.

Go through your business contracts and revamp your strategies to become adaptive to the current and future changes in the industry.

The Emotional Impact Of Your Marketing Strategies:

When all is said and done, these are times of crisis where people need empathy and support more than ever. And if you ignorantly focus only on selling and promoting your services during such times, chances are you might lose your local customers in addition to not gaining new ones.

Change your writing tone in your emails and advertisements such that it empathizes with the current situation and explains how you and your services can prove helpful to them. 

You can even opt for ‘Cause Marketing’ strategies where you help the community either financially or socially to make a difference in the society, like donations, free giveaways, or even free promotions to local charities and NGOs.

Your Productivity In Recycling The Downtime:

This indefinite free time that has been, either naturally or forcefully, bestowed upon us may make you feel helpless and unproductive. However, now is when you should target your long-term goals. Maybe your website needs a new look, or you need to redo your logo or update all the irrelevant content on your pages. You can also plan for future advertising campaigns and service-related changes from now so that you have robust foolproof strategies to work on as the world start to go back to normal.

Your Prudency In Seeking Help Wherever Necessary:

The changes your business functionalities will undergo from hereon will be highly unprecedented and overwhelming. You might hit roadblocks more often than not as no one really has a surefire rulebook for performing digital marketing in COVID-19 pandemic period. 

However, the experts in the business, who are experienced in dealing with such ups and downs in the marketing world can smartly guide you in developing such strategies specific to your business. 

Technooyster is one such SEO Company in Pune that is currently helping several of our clients rebuild their online business strategies not only for tackling the lockdown limitations but also for converting the functionalities of their website and social media in COVID-19 oriented tools for the long run. If you’re ready to evolve and adapt to the changing world, contact our marketing experts to get personalized strategic solutions from the best digital marketing company in Pune.

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