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6 Content Marketing Myths That Are Undermining Your Content Strategies

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What’s worse than not opting for content marketing? Following the wrong methods and believes about content marketing techniques and spending valuable time and money on the wrong strategies.

Being one of the oldest social media marketing agency in Pune, a good chunk of our work lives has gone towards understanding the various niche markets and what type of content works where. And more often than not, now that everyone has access to social media and different contenting marketing platforms, we see people blinding following random content marketing techniques found online sans questioning their efficacy towards their niche business.

This article isn’t going to tell you how to market your content since that would take a day or two (for you to read). Instead, here we’ll try to reduce your erring factors by debunking some common myths about content marketing that you need to exterminate form your life and content strategy.

Myth – Copywriting Means Content Marketing

Fact – Though content marketing techniques involve copywriting, they aren’t the whole of it. Copywriting mainly focuses on creating advertorial content that would intrigue buyers to take any action, such as browser ads, website landing pages, email promotions, social media posts, etc. But content marketing also involves creating useful and informative content for buyers, such as white papers, guides, case studies, e-books, interviews, listicles, how-to articles, etc.

Myth – More Content Means Better Quality

Fact – If your strategy is to beat the competitors only by sheer content length, then you’re on the wrong train. Search engines like Google today value and discern helpful content more than lengthy content. So instead of writing ten random blog posts, you’d get better ranks and traffic by writing one blog post with detailed and intelligible content.

Myth – Content Marketing Only Helps A Few Specific Businesses

Fact – Content writing, like verbal language, is only a medium of communicating with your audience. In the grand scheme of marketing, there are no set rules that can cater to only specific business. Good content is anything that connects with your particular audience and compels them to take action. However, since there are various mediums to spread your content, every business needs to find the right medium for connecting to their target audience.

Myth – You Can’t Analyze The Performance Of Your Content

Fact – Though the above point proves that content marketing is all about customising your content for your audience, there are some general technical metrics to judge how well they are receiving it. Metrics like total page views, bounce rate, shares, comments, and likes are commonly available on different content marketing platforms which can help you direct your content based on your audience behaviour.

Myth – Good Content Goes Viral Instantly!

Fact – Good things take time, and good content may take forever to receive the appreciation it deserves. Being patient and updating your content timely is the key to rational content marketing. Except for paid marketing where the content is artificially boosted, and results are gained, organic content seldom gains popularity instantly.

Myth – For Best Results, You Have To Do It Yourself

Fact – Like any other marketing strategy, content marketing also involves planning and plotting of how to achieve the desired results. So contrarily, to achieve the best out of content marketing, it would be better to bring in an adept content marketing company in Pune. Our team at Technoosyter has been helping various niche businesses reach out to their desired audience with personalised and quality-based content marketing techniques.
If you’re just starting with your new business and need help with your content, you can directly reach out to one of our marketing execs and get experienced-based inputs for growing your consumer base.

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