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4 Ways You Can Optimize Your Website For The Global Audience

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The business builds up a new market of opportunities only if they foresee global perspectives. As the world is going digital, an online business should necessitate thinking out-of-the-box and dive through various aspects like customer service, sales, and most importantly, the global availability of their website.  In order to make your online business appealing to the targeted global audience, a mere change of content in multiple languages is not going to draw as much attention as expected. While you develop a website with the global audience as your target, there are few more miles you need to go:

1) Host Your Website on Local Servers

Website speed varies from country to country. If your website takes more time to load, there are high chances of your global audiences abandoning your site. Ask your website development company for hosting the website on the local servers. Website speed is the most crucial part of building customer experience. For instance, if your business site traffic is targeting the U.S. audience then it is wise to host it on US-based servers.  Choosing the hosting service near your audience increases the website loading speed.

2) Country Specific Domain Extensions are Must

Having a domain appropriate to the targeted country ensures the site will most likely appear in local searches. For instance, a U.S. based client search results shall end with the list of “.US” websites. Similarly, if the audience is from Europe, a “.EU” extension enhances the possibility of your website listed into their local search results.

3) Location Identity and Content Localization

For optimizing your website for global users, it is important to have an understanding of their geographical location. Many top-notch companies redirect their users to an appropriate version of their website by identifying their IP address. If the company has the targeted audience from multiple countries, they create a regional selection page where the users can select their country’s versions and are redirected to the sub-site of the company.

4) Website Speed Optimization

When a business creates a website for global prospects, website speed becomes the most crucial on the checklist. As mentioned earlier, any user who invests his time for more than 2 seconds to load a website will most probably abandon the site. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) cater to business by improving the speed from multiple locations for the international audience. With the help of monitoring servers placed across the globe, the website enhances its downtime issues.

If you are struggling with various options you have on optimizing your website, ask our expert professionals for consultation. We, the digital marketing company, are always available to speak one-on-one and resolve all your queries related to website optimization for the global audience.


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