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3 Major reasons why small businesses need to blog

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India has a vast market size, and that is one of the reasons why there are so many startups and businesses pop up every year. Now, just imagine how much competition is there in the market. On the contrary, there are so many businesses that don’t even own a website.

Blogging acts as one of the primary steps for marketing of your business. Of course, small businesses have limited resources so it becomes imperative to use the resources wisely. Blogging is definitely a tedious task but it has advantages in 10 folds with little or no financial investment.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build awareness of your brand while providing informative, engaging, and quality content to your target audience.

What do you mean by target audience?

In simple words, it means your potential market, where you want to either sell your product or convert them to your leads.
Have you ever heard of officeless culture?… How does it work?……. What makes such businesses flourish?… There is one answer to all and that is marketing, and blogging makes a massive contribution to digital marketing. In fact, all the businesses that run online need blogs to generate, retain, and grow their audience or market.

3 Compelling reasons why small businesses need to blog

1. Blogs act as a marketing tool– Being a small business you are banking upon your efforts. Though blogging is tedious and time-consuming, it will help you as your marketing strategy in long run.

2. You can Garner an audience and convert them to leads-A good informative content will retain readers and has the potential to convert them to leads also.

3. A Quality Blog will increase visibility in SEO pages-People these days are knowledge-driven, they want more is less time, so if you can inspire them through your blogs, they will visit your page again and again, which will increase the visibility in google analytics.

According to an inbound marketing report,80% of companies use blogging as a marketing strategy and enhance their potential customer base.
Blogging has many advantages, but the content should be great. Technooyster in Pune provides a great opportunity to you by writing blogs on your behalf.
We would like to share some tips on blog writing with you.

Killer Blog Writing ideas

Use compelling titles-First impression is sometimes the only opportunity for making an impression so choose a damn good headline.

Small steps lead to big outcomes– All the blogs we read are followed by a small section to comment on and share the page. It in fact acts as a funnel to garner audience attention. It depends on the blogger how to utilize that section innovatively.

Write small but engaging blogposts.

Maintain your own unique writing style– You may copy a few good points but you should master the art of creative writing.

Post frequently

Use google analytics to track your audience
Contact our team as we will be delighted to write on your behalf.

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