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10 Effective Strategies that Can Drive More Traffic to Your Website

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So your website is ready to go onboard and all the strategies to reach out your targeted audience are penned down. But, what if the website doesn’t drive the amount visitors you planned for? It becomes a distressed situation as the main purpose agenda of building a website is to generate more traffic through it. Therefore, you need a proper strategy for improving your website traffic.

How to Create Traffic on Your Website?

The first step towards building an impactful strategy is acknowledging an expert advice. Consult the best Digital Marketing Company to help you design a powerful methodology that attracts more traffic to your website. Here, we are about to discuss the 10 proven strategies from SEO to content marketing and how they will benefit your B2B and B2C performance level.

1) Choose the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this fast-paced business world, if you are unaware of an SEO strategy, then probably you are doing it in a wrongful manner. Again, consult a certified SEO expert to discover the nuances about SEO. This will help you choose the right type of traffic delivery method. On a positive note, a clear understanding of SEO practices will really support your business and supercharge the performance results.

2) Publish Your Own Original Content

Content is the real king. Creating the best insatiable content in the form of a blog, posts, or on-site will make your visitors come back for more exciting information. People love knowing things out of curiosity and the blogs are the best way you can help them with their interests. Whether you are in the manufacturing industry and designed a new prototype you want the world to know or you are simply a supplier looking for your trading exposure, let the world know your interests through blogging and impactful website content.

3) Post and Re-post Your Content

“Expired” content can be refreshed and published again, especially when a particular piece of content has created media hype in its time. But, this doesn’t mean you re-do your content until and unless it is an evergreen content and should be brought back to the current media platform. Discover new forms of updating outdated content to drive more traffic with an increase in visibility on different search engine platform like Google.

4) Emphasize More on Mobile Usability

If you are focused on driving more traffic to your website then you need to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. People use their Smartphone and tablets more frequently. Therefore, chances are, they can possibly learn about your business through a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc) and will try to connect with you. Under such circumstances, if the website fails to load on time or takes more time in loading the whole page, you can possibly lose your potential customers/clients. Emphasize more on the mobile usability of your site and make sure it fetches less of loading time.

5) Socialize on Instagram

“Click the link in Bio!” Most of the brands link their site homepage to their Instagram pages. As per the reports, brands that are creating more revenue from Instagram have updated their link and added a call-to-action in their posts which redirect the visitors to their business website. We all know Instagram is the most wildly-popular social media platform for sharing videos, photos, and connecting with the world. There are cases where people have built a multi-million business by simply focusing on their Instagram strategies to drive more traffic.

6) Answer the Questions on Quora

Quora is yet another platform businesses use to generate more traffic on their website. The proper use of keywords to link your answer to anchor the content of your website or blog is the best practice one can adapt to enhance their website visits. However, make sure the platform is not misused to spam. Only the genuine answers subjected to the query will bring effective results. You must know what you are talking about and the content should be linked to the query raised on this platform.

7) Track down the Dark Social Links

For instance, you have uploaded a video on Facebook and linked your product to it. A viewer likes the video and shares it to his friend who was searching for a product like yours. The whole process is completed within a few simple clicks and undoubtedly, we can categorize it into a simple “copy and paste” method. Generally, since the links were copied and pasted, your team might lose track of further operations. This is termed as the dark social links. Nevertheless, this SEO strategy should be taken into account for partially it contributes into your traffic generation. You can make use of a dark social calculator to check how often your visitors are sharing your links.

8) Create and Share High-Quality Infographics

Creating a strong Infographic and sharing it on various platforms is one form of clickbait. Likewise, there are many such clickbait available that one can utilize to drive more traffic to their site. However, you need to be precise with the information you put on the infographics. A high-quality Infographics will help people link to your site and become a proven automated marketing machine for your website.

9)  Build and Link Your Industry-Specific Surveys

Linking the industry-specific surveys through your content and blog is one of the best ways to build traffic on your site. However, make sure the surveys are specific to your niche interests and the links are relevant to your content and blog context.

10) Paid Methods

Though for small-scale business, paid advertisements run quietly out of the budget, you can still track your follower’s interests and come up with a cost-per-acquisition (CPA). A strong CPA can smoothly scale up your advertising revenues. Purchase ads via Facebook. Leverage Google re-targeting ads and engage more for influencer marketing with the help of Twitter, Instagram, and any such social media platform. This way, you eliminated the limitation of your audience and can spread the knowledge to industries worldwide.     

Improving your website traffic through Digital marketing and SEO practices is no Herculean task but it is also not a magic formula that works overnight. If you wish for your website to land on the first page of Google, you need to be patient and constantly practice the aforementioned methods. With time, you will witness an increase in visibility and higher traffic.

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