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Technooyster is one of the best SEO Consultant in Pune specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Network Strategy and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). We are backed by a team of highly experienced creative online strategists who are completely up to date with the latest technologies with regards to the various online marketing tools, email broadcasts, link building and optimized copy-writing.

Our expertise as SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Proficiency in working on big projects and tight deadlines
  • Ability to build and publish product/service web pages to ensure clear landing pages
  • Analyze the customer behavior
  • Identify opportunities and increase site conversion
  • Ensure growth in sales in accordance to business objectives and targets for all direct channels
  • Help to achieve or surpass all the set financial and operational goals
  • Optimally produce and implement SEO friendly copy

Our SEO Consultation & Strategy

Technooyster incorporates a highly professional approach in any SEO project. We have an open discussion with the clients with regards to the following:

  • Quality of the website content and design
  • Defining KPIs i.e. Key Performance Indicators which are specific to their business
  • Presenting Digital Strategy
  • Creating list of key words
  • Analyze the potential traffic and ROI which can be delivered

Our SEO On-Page Report

After completion of the analysis of the client’s website an initial report will be generated which will help in the discussion of implementation of changes that are required in the website. We will work further from here.

Our Link Building Campaigns, On-going Support + Rank Tracking

While implementing the client’s on-page changes we will initiate an ethical link building campaign which includes guest posting, outreach and content marketing. The cost of this is campaign depends on the key terms of the client. As there is no space for every website to be in the top 10 search results the timescales may vary depending on how competitive and crowed the industry is. For instance, to hit the targets, legal services, it can take up to 12 months while for others it could take barely between 3-4 months.

Our SEO is the best solution for your advertising budget. Whatever is the type of your project and no matter how big it is, you can contact us and avail our SEO consultation.

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