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Are you the head of a marketing department, a business owner, or a key person entrusted with the responsibility of elevating your online business? At the outset, welcome to Technooyster, a well established SEO Company in Pune. It is quite possible that you might be a first timer, searching for the right SEO services firm to carryout digital marketing in Pune or unfortunately had earlier unfruitful experiences with a SEO company to yield results. Whatever may be the case, be rest assured; you have reached the right destination and we are here to stand beside you and elevate your business through perfect SEO campaign.

What we are:

  • We are a SEO company who understands the market like back of our hand.
  • We formulate the most efficient and ethical strategies to meet your marketing goals.
  • We focus primarily on your business interests and deliver appreciable returns on your investment.

Why us:

Through our excellent SEO services, we have scripted success stories in all domains. We have worked with complete spectrum of sectors such as

  • Business management consultancy firms
  • Medical organizations
  • Accounting firms
  • Interior decorators
  • Engineering industries
  • Spa and many more.

Our SEO campaigns have significantly contributed to their business success and revenue generation.

What we do:

Now let us see what we can do for you. We, as a highly professional SEO company in Pune, always begin with a comprehensive site auditing to see where the things stand as such. Based on the analysis of market and your competitors’ and the site audit reports, we further embark on our task.

  • We start formulating the on-page SEO strategies that can be carried out on your website.
  • If necessary, we completely revamp the site with relevant contents and images, Meta tags and descriptions.
  • We concurrently start working on the off-page strategies such as link building, directory listing, and social media conversations. As off-line SEO is dependent on various external factors and not fully under our control, we render the maximum possible attention to get the best results.

What we don’t do:

At this juncture, as a responsible SEO company in Pune, we would also like to share a golden rule to which we religiously abide by. We practice only white hat techniques and never indulge in illegal and unethical SEO practices. Through black hat techniques, it is quite possible to show a spike in visitor count of your website. Results achieved through black hat techniques do not sustain and conversely, they may lead to penalization by the search engines.

We rely strongly on our expert skill sets, cutting edge technologies, and state of the art knowledge recourses to render the most profitable solutions. Perhaps it would be better if we put forward a fact you should know – SEO is not an overnight phenomenon. It takes months to show its results. But we would like you to understand that our job doesn’t get completed just by implementing the SEO strategies. Infact we have just begun. We would be regularly analyzing the website performance and reviewing our strategy to take you closer to the objectives.

Contact us to have a wonderful discussion on SEO for your company. Let’s work together and create more business.

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