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Creating an Amazing User Experience

In recent years with advancement in technology mobile devices are being used increasingly to surf websites. But the mobile devices are not optimized to most of the websites. Due to constraint in the size of the display, it is necessary to adopt a different approach which can determine how the content can be displayed on the mobile screens. There are a great number of devices in the market like desktop, phones and tablets which have varying screen sizes. The screen sizes keep changing in accordance to newer and innovative inventions. The need of the hour is to optimize your website which can easily adapt to any kind of screen size perfectly. Responsive Web Designing comes to your help in this regard.

Why our Responsive Web Design?

Technooyster is one of the best Responsive Web Designing Company in Pune wherein our responsive web design will perfectly respond to your requirements. We change the layout of your website according to the capabilities and size of the device used by the user. For instance a tablet will show content in two columns and on the other hand a phone might display the same content in a single column view. Features of Our Responsive Web Design

  • Helps to dynamically change the appearance of a website according to the screen size of the device being used.
  • Uses breakpoints in the technology to determine the appearance of the layout. The breakpoints are mainly based on the browser’s width.
  • Uses a single code base to support users with different viewports and devices like tablets, desktops, laptops, smart phones, etc.

Responsive Web Design Services by Technooyster

Technooyster introduced this service to cater to the requirements of different devices like Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. We design the following:

  • Responsive website layouts
  • Personalized website features
  • Unique graphics and artworks and graphics
  • Creating database driven web applications
  • Mobile friendly systems using advanced location integration
  • Unique presentations and slide shows
  • social networking integration

Our Responsive Web Design helps to optimize the growth of your business by retaining the users and making them visit your website repeatedly. We include the best technologies which will help our clients to increase customer satisfaction, sales and profits.

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