PPC- Production, Planning and control Optimal Planning and Executing Effective Operations

Technooyster has developed web based software which enables scheduling of production and advanced planning. The web based PPC i.e. Production, Planning and control software is integrated into your company’s ERP system.

How does our PPC Software work?

Technooyster completely understands your company’s needs with regards to production by including a planning procedure which leads to effective operations.

How does our PPC software help you?

  • Bringing rapid Planning of Changes in Production Chain to make the management, planners and other people aware of the status of production at various plants.
  • Sharing information on production and delivery by giving the web based user accurate and up to date information with ease.
  • Increasing the transparency of planning and decision making
  • Accelerating the capacity reaction of your company
  • Scheduling paperless production, planning and execution

How does our PPC software benefit you?

This software helps your company a great deal by ensuring optimal planning and control of updates in real time by:

  • Reducing production lead times
  • Working in Progress inventory
  • Improving Delivery accuracy (without excess material buckets or excess time)
  • Moving out from silos the communication between production and sales department

Contact us to enjoy the benefits of our customized PPC software system created as per the unique and specific requirements of your organization which is cost effective, easy to access and maintain.

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