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Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is a complete phrase that represents online marketing as well as promoting plans. We dignify ourselves in serving good quality work to our customers on a productivity basis. Either it’s digital, branding, public relations or innovative. All how we begin is with your requirements. After that, we match up our capabilities to your resolutions to give you top results.

Digital Marketing

The buying tendency of people is modifying. As almost all the consumers consider online as a perfect platform for fulfilling their different requirements. The main factor behind this craze is the hectic routine of people and even massive amount of options available at internet platforms. In such a phase once you have decided for selecting an efficient Digital Marketing Agency in Pune for marketing your enterprise on the web you probably have reached right place! As a full-service digital marketing agency, Technooyster offer Digital marketing with an innovative touch along with lots of belongingness. We bestow planned process of bringing suitable traffic by several coordinated website marketing activities.

Paid Media

Pay per click (PPC) is an internet advertising model which is used to target your clients and direct traffic to your websites. Also known as cost per click, it is considered to be the easiest way to directly target your clients online wherein the advertisers pay the website owner or publisher when the ad is clicked.At Technooyster our PPC Management campaign aims at bringing together the following features which help to increase the performance and scale of your campaigns in a highly competitive internet environment where only the savviest of advertisers can survive :

We are expert to build a good Strategy

Content Marketing

We define Content Marketing as “an optimal method of managing content to achieve the marketing goals of reaching targeting audiences and converting them into potential audiences.”
At Technooyster we incorporate a comprehensive content marketing campaign that mainly focuses on three innovative and unique phases of content promotion and production techniques.

  • Generating Traffic and potential visitors to the client’s website by using infographics, blogs and other types of contents.
  • Engaging Audience and building a strong base of repeated visitors to the website by promoting content posts that the targeted audience responds to most.

Social Media

The era of trail runs are over and social media has completely changed the way of marketing. Moreover, it presents one of the exciting and viable marketing prospects for business owners of all sizes and types. But what propelled this unprecedented growth? The ease of internet access across people of all walks of life has easily paved way for business owners to indulge in social media marketing and create cost effective opportunities for brand awareness and enhancement of customer services.

Conversion Rate Optimization

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