Intranet Portal

Developing an Effective Collaboration and Networking

In recent times Intranet has gained strategic importance in companies which are employee friendly. It is the internal network of an organization which uses Web technologies for:

  • Sharing the organization’s information, operational applications & systems with its employees through interaction and collaboration.
  • Improving employee satisfaction and retention
  • Reducing costs, overheads and time
  • Saving time while training new staff
  • Enabling quick access to the organization’s strategic information for faster decision making

Various forms of Intranet Portals we design are:

  • Knowledge Management Portals
  • Project Portals
  • News Portals
  • Collaboration Portals
  • Corporate or Organization Portals
  • Product Portals
  • ICM Portals
  • Community Portals

What do we offer?

  • Preparation of intranet information architecture and strategic roadmap
  • A comprehensive and thorough study of your requirements
  • User friendly, scalable, flexible & robust design
  • Use of top intranet technologies like Liferay (Java Based), Sharepoint (Dot net Based) and Drupal (PHP based)

Benefits of our Intranet Portal:

  • Optimal management of knowledge by means of systematic storage, accumulation, knowledge structuring and description of business processes and rules.
  • To host Widgets & Business Applications like Travel Desk, Booking of Meeting Rooms/Conference, Expense Reimbursement, HRMS, etc.
  • To enable secured access to information of corporate with different user grants
  • Maintenance of Employee Directory
  • Maintenance of Collaboration Tools of Employee
  • Provision of interactive services like polls, surveys, etc.
  • Management and forming of strategic goals of corporate
  • Management of documents through timely distribution of information
  • Creation of Employee Online Learning, Training & Development Centre

Technooyster helps you to effectively connect with your employees to increase efficiency, productivity and growth of your organization.

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