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6 Essential Tips For Boosting The Quality And Quantity Of Online Reviews For Your Medical Practice

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An online review is a virtual version of a ‘word of mouth’, the best means of creating brand awareness since the existence of marketing phenomena. We, as consumers may not trust an advertisement that says your medical practices are most effective. Still, we would most probably believe a review given by an actual person about how relieved and satisfied they are with your treatments and decide to visit you. Similarly, we also believe a person’s review saying they weren’t satisfied with your treatment and choose someone else.

Online reviews aren’t about quantity; they’re about quality. Many medical practitioners trying to build their online image often avoid this fact and end up with a couple of negative reviews which drive down their potential patient base dramatically. An online research study recently showed that of all the people who look for doctors online, about 40% of those form their opinions after reading only the top two to three reviews.

Hence, getting reviews is essential, but how and where you get your reviews is more important.

And here are some insightful tips which you can infuse with your current ‘Building Online Reviews’ plan to improve the quality (i.e. positivity), credibility and influence of the online reviews your medical practices receive:

Ask Selective Patients Only:

To ensure that most of your reviews are positive and influential, ask only a specific type of patients to write it. These types of patients include; your regular patients, the ones who experienced immediate effect and relief after your treatment, and patients who are visiting from distant locations.

Also, to improve brand awareness through reviews, ask different patients regarding their treatment experience received. This way, several of your treatments will be exposed through a few commending reviews.

Ask Casually, But Clearly:

Avoid using cliche phrases like ‘would you be so kind’ or ‘it would mean the world to us’ or paragraph-like statements before asking your patients to leave a review.

Start casually by asking how they feel after being treated and simply ask them if they’d like to leave a ‘short review’.

You can simply tell them that they can feel free to leave suggestions and reviews at the receptionist’s desk.

Ask Them While They Are With You:

It’s a busy world. The moment your patients leave your office, they’ll probably forget all the good things they felt like saying before leaving and jump back into their busy lives.

Hence, keep a device ready, like a tablet, dedicated to collecting reviews and suggestions. Have a good WiFi installed so that they can use it to leave reviews from their own phones.

This way, your reviews will be detailed and more genuine as compared to what they would write after some days.

Ask During Follow-up Calls:

If the patient isn’t in the physical condition of leaving a review or is in a hurry, make a follow-up asking about how they were feeling after the treatment and if they faced any issues. Now, depending on their response, you can end this call by asking them if they’d like to write a short review.

If they agree, send them a mail with web links of your review pages from one or two platforms like Google or Practo, for example, and reduce their trouble of finding you online instead.

Do Not Spam Or Bribe:

This might go against the rules of traditional marketing strategies which suggest sending periodic emails for feedback and offering goody bags and discounts in exchange for a review.

In this day and age, people are more aware and responsible, and the only thing that would impress them is the quality of your treatment and services. I’m not saying the above trick won’t work, it mostly will, but then those people may write a typical, insignificant, one liner review for the sake of it.

If you want a genuine and detailed review, focus on improving your services and establishing an honest doctor-patient relationship.

Give Prompt And Genuine Replies To Questions And Reviews:

Last but never the least, giving honest replies always helps in establishing your image as a responsible and genuine medical practitioner. To put it simply, it means that ‘You Care About Your Patients’.

Ask one of your staff members to provide prompt replies to questions asked by patients on your Google account and reviews inquiring or commending your medical practices.

It may not help increase your patient base directly, but it helps in creating a positive opinion about your practice when someone reads those reviews and questions.

(On a slightly unrelated note, remember that you as the doctor directly taking a review might come off as needy and awkward. Hence, make sure you assign this task to your receptionist or other staff and direct your patients to them if they wish to leave a review )

It’s quite normal to think ‘this sounds like a lot of work distracting me from my practice’ because, in a way, it is. Establishing an impactful online brand and building a strong patient base requires persistent analysis and optimal utilization of digital marketing tools. Medical practitioners are one of the largest users of online healthcare marketing services today, and any SEO specialist would tell you that the competition keeps growing by the day.

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