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5 Ways You Can Prioritize your Leads with Lead Qualification

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Quality lead generation work as a fuel for running a thriving business. It is nothing but people who are interested in your products and services. To be frank, most of the B2B leads might not convert into sales. Some might just not want to buy your products, some cannot afford your price, or possibly some could be missed due to competition. Being a professional marketer, one must be accessible to the knowledge of their company’s attributes and potential customers that could help them obtain high-quality leads.

It is important for the sales marketers to use their time and resources on the leads that can proportionally bring revenue to their company. But the question is, “How can you identify the possible conversion rate before the sale? The answer to this is Lead Qualification.

The 5 basic rules of Lead Qualification

1) Coordination with Sales and Marketing

No offense, our sales, and marketing team spend hours on tracking potential leads. Now, put those efforts making sure the marketing and sales team work together. This way, both the teams could share hands-off criteria for handling their obtained leads. In most of the cases, the marketing team nurtures the leads followed by an inside sales team that qualifies it. This further helps to convert them into opportunities and lastly, the sales team work upon these opportunities. Companies handle marketing using this pipeline generated because of the important information it provides as these leads pass on through this funnel.

2) Arrest the Leads

Strong lead generation means a stronger business. Our Digital Marketing Company ensures all the lead generating tools are used efficiently for receiving more leads. Using various web properties, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns, and various social media platforms we help you fetch potential customers that inflates your overall business revenue.

3) Categorize the Leads

Once the leads are fetched, it is very important to categorize them on the basis of their priorities. This way, no leads get missed or dropped. Not all leads could become your top-most priority because every scored lead differs in its quality. This helps your sales team to focus more on the newest potential leads.

4) The Efforts of Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation can work efficiently only if you are aware of the tools that work best for your business. Campaigning, ROI, dashboard maintenance, and reports are few “to-do-lists” that demand regular focus. Consult your sales team and create a clear picture of the aforementioned funnel. The numbers, statistics, revenues, and reports are few records that can help you measure your business success and performance grounds.

5) Communication and Engagement

Lastly, if you are using marketing software platforms like Hubspot, it is quite easy to measure the engagement between your company and the perspective on it. This helps you track what blogs are being read, what content is being downloaded, the location from where the website is being viewed, and the number of times they have clicked or tweeted on social media platforms. This is useful information a sales team and marketers could make good use of.

All these ideas, if implemented, will help you prioritize the leads but, make sure your existing customers are not left out. Weigh their importance and compare your scored leads to your customer’s metrics. After all, the company’s growth is important and leads are the source to get your company back on the right pathway.

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