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5 Reasons To Consider LinkedIn Marketing For Stepping UP Your Online Presence

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While being one of the oldest online social media platforms, LinkedIn is also one of the most prominent platforms for benefiting business owners are individuals. The pandemic has largely hit unemployment, but LinkedIn has opened avenues to many. LinkedIn has become a confluence to many job seekers, employers, and businesses looking for the market.

Numerous businesses rely on social media marketing services in Pune for providing them with an edge to doing online business. According to our research practices, we have found LinkedIn is a strong contender that can change the ball-game of your business. Let’s take a look at how LinkedIn marketing is important to businesses.

●     It’s The Most Popular Social Platform For Professionals

Some facts to intrigue your interest are

  • Of those who have a LinkedIn account, 40% of them access it regularly.
  • It clocks one billion Interactions every year.
  • In the 2018 social media study, it remains one of the most popular platforms among college students.
  • In the US, 50% of graduates are LinkedIn users.


●     Its Strong Social Media Presence Can Help In Generating Leads

LinkedIn is a good source for generating leads. Compared to counterparts, Hubspot found LinkedIn 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for generating leads. The number of Business To Bussiness (B2B) companies joining LinkedIn has increased exponentially over the past few years. More companies are expected to join the league of LinkedIn for a thriving market.

●     It Lets You Join As A Learner, And Grow As A Leader

If digital marketing is the vehicle, good content is the wheels to drive you to your goal. Perhaps, LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms to sell your product and engage your prospects with the right content. You can reach your prospect with the chat feature of LinkedIn. Also, you can join groups and network with key personalities, and clubbing with them will benefit your business, earn fame and become popular. LinkedIn proves to be a thriving market for you.

●     It Helps Build  Strong Relationships Among Peers & Businesses

Linked helps your business nurture important online relationships and solidify in-person connections. According to Infographics, 44% of LinkedIn users establish better face-to-face relationships after using this platform.

●     It Gives Your Brand Increased Visibility

A properly optimized LinkedIn Profile will help increase the chance of better ranking in google search. Here are some tips to ensure high ranking

  • Relevant keyword usage both in profile and page description.
  • Use crisp and descriptive narration in your job title.
  • Upload a complete profile.
  • Add some links that can show your strong online presence at other social media sites also.

To boost your business, you need to have a strong social media presence, and to grab an online audience, you need to understand the complete set social media strategy we use to uplift your business. Technooyster’s social media marketing services in Pune have already helped businesses set up a niche by establishing their online presence. We are looking forward to helping you too. Take your business online now!.

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