It has been almost two months into the New Year and it’s high time to examine the social and content marketing technology trends of 2016. Every marketing professional are fine tuning the strategies and fit perfectly in the trending grooves of 2016. A reputed digital marketing company in Pune expects that the trends most likely to be a mixed bag, similar to that of last year. Let us dip into our analysis what is there in store for us.

Target Smartphone: Until now all the website were either made to adapt mobile sizes or have an exclusive site for its users. Now the trend is changing and the smart phone are likely to become the norm. Ofcourse, with responsive design, device size does not matter, but still the offshoot has surpassed its master. With more mobile users using for browsing social media, strategists can no more afford to ignore mobile sites.

SEO to SMO: The shift has begun. Users have slowly migrating towards social media for searching information, the reason being trustworthy content, reviews and comments, and more importantly visual impact of social media. Obviously marketing professionals, who have till now ignored SMO, are fast upgrading their skill sets for its better implementation.

More social media sites: Facebook and twitters are not the only ones that constitute the social media. Ask any digital marketing agency, India, you would be surprised to see that they find more timid to use the overcrowded media. There are many more mediums and as a matter of fact, Pinterest brings more leads to clients than twitter! With the entire marketing professionals shifting their attention towards digital space, newer mediums such as Snapchat with great scope of advertising are fast catching up.

Online instantaneous publishing: With Facebook launching instant articles, the others are likely to follow the suit in a modified way. Now, it is expected that each and every content management system of a business house interfaces and communicates directly with the social media and publish the latest content on the go.

Enhanced user choices: Users have matured over the period and they have now started to yearn for quality and information content. Smart content search machines are expected to dig in user preference for the content and deliver the apt videos and images. Moreover, plain text pages are slowly becoming history and it is being replaced by infographics. As a leading social media marketing company in Pune, we can confidently say that customization rather than shared contents are on the rise.

Free may go: Although it is expected that most of the free cost apps are likely to see end of the day. This is really a good choice, because data has been ridiculously cheap and available to all the users.

Image makeover: Although image recognition was not embraced quite well few years ago, it has come with a minor makeover and is still evolving. And how about social logins through image recognition. Interesting isn’t it.

There is not an iota of doubt that 2016 is poised to become one of the trend setting years for all content management and social media marketing professionals.

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