It is a well known fact over 90% of Google search engine users do not look beyond the first page. Surprised? Get ready for more. One-third of the clicks are made in the first listing and the almost the balance are made in the rest of the listings in the first page. What about the other thousand pages that follows? Well, they have to be content with a meager single digit share. Precisely, this is the reason behind many online business firms striving to reach the first page of a search engine for a set of key words or phrases. Really not surprising. Technooyster, a leading digital marketing company in Pune, enlists the best practices that can be followed to rank on Google’s First Page through organic search.
Inbound links: These are nothing but links that are present in other websites but directed or linked to yours. If the referring sites are big in nature, the ranking of your site is bound to increase. Remember, in this competitive world, nobody gives referral links, except for good contents.
Keywords and Page contents: Only the good, relevant, and fresh contents pay rich dividends. Even then it should contain the apt target keywords in it. Otherwise, Google can never and ever find your webpage. It is also a good practice to title your page with key words.
Domain trust: Older the domain, larger the trust. In fact, the actual duration of domain lease also counts.
Navigability: It is common knowledge that all the internal web pages should be properly linked and it should be logical too. Don’t make the Google to search for a webpage. In fact, it is a good idea to guide the crawling bots of Google by providing a site map and control where you don’t want it to go.
Bounce rate: It is nothing but the one page visits made on your site by the viewers. Smaller bounce rates translates into higher sustenance of viewership. This is very much appreciated by Google while awarding the search engine ranks.
Sensible URL: Good and relevant URLs are always preferred than that are flooded with index and page numbers. In short, it should be clearly understandable to a human being.
Fresh contents: It is always the fresh and relevant contents that attract the Google. It is absolutely necessary to flush out stale contents and replenish them with new contents. The best way to do is to regularly add blog columns or incorporate the reviews from the viewers. In fact, the latter option is good as the phrases of reviews match with search engine queries and drive traffic.
Engage in social media: An active presence in the social media is definitely a good strategy to be in the good books of Google.
Having seen all these strategies, it should not be forgotten that the goal should be a long term rise. Ranking at the top for a short time is easy, but remember the imminent fall would be very painful. Technooyster, the best SEO company in Pune, always indulges in ethical white hat techniques and produce astounding results.

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