Every business firm loves to appear in the first page of search engine result page (SERP) when the product or service relevant to their business is searched online. The problem is that it takes time through SEO organic route and the wait can even run into months and years. But for instant results lovers, the best alternative available is Pay per Click (PPC). The huge advantage associated with PPC campaign is that the cost of ad is to be paid if and only if the ad is clicked. Fair enough. With daily, monthly or yearly budget allocations, it is a boon for business community to get noticed and also have a tab on their marketing expenditure. Technooyster, the most sought after digital marketing company in Pune, provides few important tips on PPC for beginners.
Key words are the key mantras in PPC campaign. For a broad key word phrase, the number of times ads displayed and clicked may be more and for crisp key word phrase the vice versa. Remember, for your business growth, it is not important how many times the ads are clicked but how many instances that have been converted into potential leads. Also for limited display of ads for crisp keywords, the ads may not get displayed at all and the opportunities are lost. The bottom line is optimization through in-depth analysis of keywords.
Be clear about the goal and accomplishments. This is very much essential to guide the viewers what you would like to do with them in the landing page – fill a form, complete an online transaction, subscribe for news letter and many more actions.
The job is not over having made your viewer click the ad; it has just begun. The landing page should be attractive, user friendly and needless to say, should serve the purpose of both yours and your targeted viewer. Any mismatch in this strategy would result in viewer going away and increasing the bounce rate of your site. And a large bounce rates are not good for Google ranking.
PPC is available in all search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more. While the market share of Google is large, it is less for Yahoo and Bing. Correspondingly, the PPC rates are high for Google and vice versa for Yahoo and Bing. Also it is not a bad idea to explore the ads in Facebook as they render precisely targeted audience.
Try out different variants of ads. What looks good to us may not go well with the audience. The goal is not to show our command our language and hence do not shy to try different keywords and phrases and highlights.
As an important rule, always include the keywords in the ads. This definitely helps is grabbing the attention of the users.
The success of PPC cannot be achieved in a single shot. Continuous refining and optimization based on the feedback analytics is very important.
Technooyster, in addition to being known as excellent SEO company in Pune, also successfully carries out effective PPC campaigns for their clients and bring about excellent traffic to their web sites.

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