Content is King especially with reference to SEO. When it comes to small businesses they are slower in adopting the various content marketing strategies used by corporate marketers. A comprehensive strategy needs to be incorporated in online marketing which will help to display information about your products and services when someone searches for it. In recent years SEO has significantly evolved and has enabled small businesses understand the need of an outstanding content marketing strategy. To remain competitive in your website’s rankings you need to include the following:

Technooyster offers optimal content marketing services in Pune and include innovative and creative ideas with regards to website content. The experts suggest the following 7 outstanding content marketing tips which will help small businesses to move to the top.

1. Include Content Marketing Calendar

For timely content creation, you should create a calendar wherein the content strategy is properly documented. But many a times, this factor is overlooked and content creation becomes difficult. By creating a calendar of content every month you will be able to schedule your strategies perfectly and also will be able to allocate time to brainstorm, create and publish excellent content.

2. Research What Works Best

It is very important to understand the characteristics of past content before you actually start researching to find inspirational websites for creating future content. We suggest you have a complete understanding of the following trends and include them as part of your research work:

3. Know the Current Trending Topics

To have a better idea about the real-time topics social media is the perfect option. News jacking or writing content based on the trending topics will help to provide valuable and appropriate content to people who are actively looking for it. Twitter has had trending topics available for researchers for quite some time and in recent times Facebook has also introduced them. Trendsmap provides a complete view of the trending news which will help to provide a more local view of the trending topics and trending news overlaid on a map with data from Twitter. We suggest that you incorporate the following to enhance your content:

4. Conduct a Simple Survey

It is very important to understand the consumer stance and reactions to a particular topic in an industry. Hence we suggest you conduct a simple survey. It will help you in the following ways:

You can create news by creating and conducting a simple survey. This is made easier with Products like Google Consumer Surveys and SurveyMonkey Audience as it is a cost effective solution. It allows both the creation of surveys and purchase of responses at a very affordable price.

5. Include Visual Content

Anything that is visually appealing definitely draws an individual’s attention towards it. 90 percent of the information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual. SEO mainly focuses on text which search engines can digest. But, when it comes to retaining the interest of the customers visual content is definitely more appealing. At Technooyster one of the most sought after SEO Company in Pune, we lay a lot of emphasis on content which is visually appealing. We create infographics with the research that has already been done for the present as well as the future content. Images and animated GIFs included to the written content helps to keep visitors to the website engaged.

6. Create a Video Blog

If you need to create a content which is consistently of a high quality, the best option is to create videos. Every day almost 55% of people watch videos online and about 78% of people watch every week. Why should video blogs be utilized? Here are a few benefits of including video blogs:

7. Create a Bundle of Content

Repurposing content is a great option if it is difficult to find a topic. If conducting a survey or research for content is time-consuming it is ideal to create a bundle of content around a topic which has already been created. Check out these different ways of repurposing content:

Content marketing is considered to be an important component of SEO wherein you can engage both new as well as exiting audiences and also encourage sharing. If small businesses have to keep pace with competitors and stay on course, they have to include an effective content marketing strategy. The above suggested tips are sure to help them in generating ideas and give higher rankings to their website.

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