In 2007 Google introduced “Universal” search result wherein the results from general (text), news, video, image and book search results were combined. As the Universal Results blended together the results of all websites it is also popularly called as “blended” search result.

Google is completely changing SEO. It is very important to control your brand media i.e. video and audio content with the blended search results. Technooyster one of the best SEO company in Pune suggest the following ways to optimize Google search result for picture as well as words which will help to improve your visual brand visibility.

 Graphical Variety:

Google provides different types of methods or options for searching the image or image search. Google has introduced “Search by image” or “Reverse image search” and has marked the beginning of the high-precise visual recognition technology.

 Search by image/Reverse image search:

Search by image is the way that you can directly use the image/picture as your search to find the related images around the web.


Upload an image:

1. Search for “” after that click the camera icon in search box.

2. Click on Upload an image.

3. Click on Choose file.

4. Select the image from your computer.

 Drag and drop:

1. Search for “”

2. Select the image from your computer that you want to search after that drag and drop the image into the search box.

 Search using the image URL:

1. Right-click on image in your website, select Copy image URL.

2. Search for “” after that click the camera icon in search box.

3. Click on Paste image URL

4. Paste the URL that you copied into the search box.

5. Click on Search by image.

 Google tries to display original images according to your query but if you have not optimized your images properly it will not show exact/proper results that you want when you search for them. This might hamper your brand integrity. To improve the image search result you will be required to provide a proper title, Alt text, and related keywords to the image.

 Publishing Variety:

Publishing variety means publish your own images on your website pages like About Us, Blog etc. and also publish it on your social media account.

1. Maintain your social media profile pic consistent.

2. Share more images of yourself and your organization.

3. Host your images on your own website.

 We offer best SEO Services in Pune and help to extend your visual marketing efforts to as many channels as you can handle without sacrificing on quality and thereby ensure success of your brand online.

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