Are you doing lot of off page activities for a long period of time in order to rank your website? Planned each and every strategy from scratch and worked hard to get a result. But still not getting the expected result? Have you ever looked at your website’s on-page? A well optimized on-page is ensures that your website runs smoothly and quickly. A correct on-page can also boost the rank of your website.

Well, now the question that arises in your mind is, can I rank my website without doing any off page work? You will find an answer in this article.

Many of the search engines mainly focus on a good user experience. A good user experience means useful and relevant information. In the current internet scenario, it is necessary for a website to invest in quality content. Websites with poor quality content are hit by the Google Panda update. Website with quality content has more possibility to be visible high in the ranking results.

What does a Quality Content look alike?

  1. Content as per the users intention

Content on the website should be a combination of intended keywords and most importantly it should be created according to the users intention.

  1. Stop stuffing keywords in a content

Don’t stuff keywords into the content; rather use synonyms phrases for the keywords, so that Google’s smart algorithm can notice the same.

  1. Create precise Title and HTML Tags

Although the content can’t be 100 percent correct, try to optimize it clearly by using appropriate title and HTML tags.

  1. Make sure it’s interesting and educative

Your content should be relevant and convey the basic purpose of the website topic. It should be interesting for the users.

  1. Look at the word count

There is no fixed size for any content but longer content seems to be more liked by the users and will definitely retain their interest. It is also ideal for better rankings too.

  1. Stop making silly mistakes

Keep your content more professional by removing spelling and grammatical mistakes.

  1. Make small pieces of whole content

Break up the whole content into small and understandable paragraphs. Use headers, bullet points, etc.

Where to optimize content?

So, work hard on your website’s quality content first and get the best results.

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